Transparency: Shining a Light into the Dark Corner of Healthcare Prices

February 1, 2017  |  By: Education Foundation

How much does it cost? Is it high-quality? Consumers routinely ask these questions when they are purchasing products and services. But when it comes to their healthcare, this information is hard to find.

Everyone knows the price for the same procedure can vary many times over, even in the same market. But we should be paying for care based on its quality. That’s why price and quality transparency are the core building blocks for payment reform.

This webinar will explore how state laws, insurance carriers, large purchasers, vendors and consumer interest groups are making it easier to find out what healthcare really costs. We’ll examine how brokers can leverage these strategies, tools and information to help keep costs down.

Make sure you have the knowledge to answer your clients’ questions and learn the five steps you can take to advance transparency.