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Wellness Works: Obesity Awareness

Obesity is on the rise, with two in three adults in the United States categorized as either obese or overweight, and one in five U.S. children suffering from the same condition. But the drastic changes to diet and exercise needed to improve this condition aren’t easy. It requires behavioral and lifestyle changes that take self-discipline and determination as well as education and resources to understand how to make these changes safely. This brochure describes how taking advantage of wellness programs offered by your employer can have a huge impact on your efforts.

Wellness Works: Medicine Adherence

Approximately one third of all prescriptions are never filled, and over half of prescriptions that are filled are not taken as prescribed in the United States. This rate of non-adherence includes patients taking drugs for serious conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes. According to primary care physicians, the health of one in five patients is compromised by non-adherence. The consequence of poor adherence to medications is a critical issue that impacts your health and productivity. This brochure explains how understanding your medication can be the difference between suffering and relief.

Wellness Works: Smoking Cessations

Though the hazards of smoking have been highly publicized for years, one out of four people in every workplace still smokes. But quitting is not easy. It requires behavioral and lifestyle changes that require self-discipline and determination. This brochure details how taking advantage of the smoking cessation program offered by your employer or your health insurance plan can have a huge impact on your efforts.

Consumer Guide to Health Insurance

The Consumer Guide to Health Insurance answers many of the common questions asked by consumers. The brochure addresses topics from "What is health insurance?" and "How does health insurance work?" to more pressing questions, such as "Do I really need health insurance? "Why is health insurance expensive" and "What can I do to help reduce costs?"

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Wellness Programs

This brochure offers facts supporting how health improvement programs in the workplace can benefit both employers and their employees.

Medicare Brochure

Revised! The Medicare brochure is a must for any agents and brokers who sell Medicare products. The brochure outlines Medicare benefits and answers questions regarding Medicare eligibility and costs.

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