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Your financial support of the NAHU Education Foundation is vital to consumers for their successful navigation of the insurance options and medical care available to them. The Foundation's communications to consumers include a variety of teaching media ranging from traditional brochures to online videos. The topics are updated to coincide with changes in federal and state laws and related guidance. In addition, the Foundation communications emphasize the importance of wellness activities and programs, personal responsibility, preventive care and related self-monitoring. Consumers can add significantly to the quality of their own lives while concurrently lowering the cost of health insurance coverage. The better care they take of themselves, the fewer medical visits. This is true for children to the over-65 population.

Your donation, even a $10.00 per month credit card draw, is greatly appreciated and will assist the Foundation in continuing its educational messaging and activities to help the public and promote private sector insurance options. Everyone benefits when consumers are informed.

Your donation has never been more needed than it is now. Thank you for your gift!

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