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Millions of U.S. residents are uninsured. The nation's more than 1,250 Federally Qualified Health Centers are the ultimate safety net for these individuals, providing primary care, dental care, and more through 9,000 service delivery sites. While these centers receive substantial federal dollars, those grants represent less than 20 percent of their total budgets. (Medicaid payments represent another 40 percent.) Their financial needs are much greater than their resources.

The NAHU Education Foundation Board is launching an effort to assist these community centers at the grassroots level, with the goal of strengthening the nation's healthcare safety net.


Participating Chapters

Step 1: Education Step 2: Communication

To receive credit toward NAHU awards: Your chapter should report to the Foundation:

  1. The amount contributed to your partner community health clinic(s)
  2. The name of those clinics
  3. Samples of any letters, social media posts or other publicity concerning your efforts.